Surfin’ the USA: UIUC days and beyond!

Thanks to my selection as the 2007/8 Maria Pia Gratton Fellowship winner, I graduated DEBT-FREE with my Masters’ degree from the University of Illinois in December 2008.  Having being offered a full-time position after my Summer internship at Microsoft HQ, I had 2 months to play before I had to move to Redmond to start my first US job!  Alone in the USA, what option does a travel-bug have but to… TRAVEL. I shipped off most of my stuff across the country to AmaraO in Seattle and proceeded on a road-trip for TWO MONTHS with only my carry-on hand suitcase. 😀

Enjoy the video! It’s set to deep music and tracks my stays in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, a bit of West Virginia and into Baltimore, Maryland where I spent a couple of days before continuing to Philadelphia PA,  Delaware, New Jersey to spend Xmas break with my uncle and his family. From there, I took the train to Boston, MA to visit BFF Ijeoma and sight-see. From there, my friend and I explored Harvard, MIT, Cambridge MA and the beautiful states of Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

Feel free to share! 🙂

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