So, off the ferry and road tripping through France and Belgium on my way to Amsterdam, what’s a lady to do when hunger strikes? EAT!!!!!!!! 😀 This stop was by the Belgium-Netherlands border (though you won’t see an actual structure demarcating the two. History TipYayyy for the Schengen treaty!)  So…Post- my pantyshock Night Zero ,horrid wifi at the hotel and waking up at 430am to prep, get Euro currency, buy stuff and join the group, I deserved something good so I GOT IT.

Komen eten bij mij! Toasted wholegrain bread with cheese-onion-egg yolk-basil, Yummy super-fresh salad (incl grilled aubergines!) and some awesome nutty pie with clotted vanilla cream. I don’t remember all the fancy Dutch names but it was FABELACHTIG!!! 😀

Looks yummy, right? I do try to eat healthy even though it seems the chefs of this world have a plot for my downfall! 😀

Amidst the food bars did I wander. Sorting through its vast offerings, trying to decide between what my mouth wanted and what my mind advised me to get. The mind has a way of convincing the body to treat itself to a no-inhibitions diet-free kinda meal after any exertion, major or minor and mine was no different.

IMG_3292 IMG_3294

Herein was I also introduced to the “pfffttt, annoying” Eurotrend of paying to use the Toiletten. Why pay to pee/poo? Euwww… #somejobssuck. I don’t blame this dude for being grumpy. You’d be grumpy too if you had to sit at the entrance to the pisspots all day and attend to people hopping from foot to foot while waiting to go. I bet some have let loose…

Anyway, say Hello to Otto*! (not real name)  ðŸ™‚


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