UAE: ABU DHABI (Emirati Cuisine)

So, no one ever told me how much better food tastes when you’re in a desert oasis. I can’t explain how good these were so close your eyes and imagine chewing on heaven while your toes are wriggling in warm silky sand and balmy breezes laden with scents of musk, sandalwood, Arabian oils and exotic perfumes…Yes it’s time for you to treat yourself and book a trip!
Here’s as much deets on the foods as I can remember, I couldn’t learn all the “arabically” Emarati/Emirati cuisine …but I did eat enough for me and You. Bonus:  Dirham notes below (UAE Money)

1st food pic) Desserts:  Rice pudding, coconut concoctions, choco-almond gateau, Dates, date/fig bars, etc 2) Lentil soup/Mushroom soup; Pickles and Veggie plate; Chicken biryani rice with cashews, nuts and lamb; I had the Lamb kebabs on steamed cocosaffron rice   3) Chef salad: Beef strips (Note: No pig meat/Bacon/pork/chicharrones etc are eaten in the UAE ‘cos its a Muslim country)  4) Remnants from my 3rd Buffet plate of yummy cheese samples, hummus, grilled eggplant and other veggies, Fried Apple delicacy (sorry i didn’t take pics cos i got carried away and only remembered at this stage) 😮   5) Tabbouleh, baba ganoush (the smoky tasting eggplant dip), fattoush (the tomato salad with chinchin like pita chips), mutabel (made from eggplant too) with Arabic bread. 







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