🇧🇪 Salute to BELGIUM!

Today’s game between the USA a.k.a #TimHoward 😀 and Belgium was heated! A true battleground of wits, skills, experience and some damned-good ball-catching by both goalies.
To serve as my silent applause, I’d like to share a bit about Belgium using a few of my pics. Here is my quick “Post to Brussels”.

Moules Frites!!! Mussels and fries: Worthy national foods of Belgium. This is a traditional specialty which is not to be missed. The Belgian fries deserve a pic of their own, such are they revered by the Belgians! They are fried and re fried specially in a unique cooking style. Belgian fries are SOooo good that they are sold as a Street food in belgique. Fancy that! 🙂

20140701-233811-85091561.jpgSee this pic mashup! 😀 Watch out for my detailed photoblog posts on Belgian towns Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent/Bruges! Till then, join me in a delicious Belgian waffle dessert (with strawberries, belgian chocolate sauce and creme). ❤ #Kisses!


Photo Credits: Chinweoke Eke. All photos are original and Copyrighted.

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