TEXAS to TRINIDAD: #Aerialviews

It’s October and I’m off to the fabulous, beautiful Gem of tha Caribbean, Trinidad! Now I’m the proud mother of two little toddlers, my solo travel and spontaneity have taken a backseat. My  planning, attention to detail and organizational skills are tried and tested, EVERY single minute!

All checklists completely checked, luggage checked, kids checked, we checked and we embark on a perfectly timed trip: a daytime flight from Houston to Port of Spain. The best time to depart is 1-2pm to enable one enjoy the awesome sights flying over the Caribbean Ocean, experience the sun set in the skies and get the breathtaking lit skyline and bedazzled landscape  of Trinidad at night. Triple win!

Behold the beauty of Texas lands..

Viewing the perfectly-aligned grids of the American landscape never ceases to amaze me. Lines as far as the eye can see!

I wonder where this city-on-the-edge is… it looks like Miami with Key West outlying it.

The turquoise waters start showing up in glimpses, mingling with the dark blue sea.  The clouds hanging in between our plane and Land cast patches of shadow on the waters below.

One never stops marveling at how the coral reefs and teeming invisible life underwater create such beauty! #StopAndWonder

If you zoom in on the turquoise whorl below, you’ll discover a gem! A tiny little island, with lush vegetation and pure-white sand beaches. Almost imperceptible yet in plain sight. Imagine life down there! 🤔🤔

White sand pits deposited by Nature peek out from the ocean.

This next two pictures are surreal! Breathtaking beauty is al I can say.. #takenwithiPhone

An uninhabited yet huge peninsula. 👇🏽. It looks perfect for naval bases, aircraft carriers, landing UFOs..😜. I wonder if any human has ever set foot on it. “Is anybody there yet?”🤔

Trinidad at night… lovely isn’t she? 😍

2 responses to “TEXAS to TRINIDAD: #Aerialviews

  1. I have truly enjoyed your story together with the lovely pics of the wonderful scenes u traversed enroute to Trinidad. I long to read more. Do u write short stories? Have u written a book? Would love to read more of your writings.

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