Jewish in Texas #foodiepost

I’ve been making matzo ball soup from the pack and recently resolved to try the real deal so I set out for the best-rated Jewish restaurant in Houston- Kenny and Ziggy’s Deli! It’s top-rated by Jews (and even non-Jews) which gives it enough street cared to warrant a try. The Buffalo Speedway location is mere minutes from where I teach a monthly class so I stopped in for lunch at midday.

After much musing, I went for the traditionals: Matzoh ball soup served with noodles and chicken. Their signature pickles came first of course. What a healthy appetizer/starter snack! 😄

The Corned beef sandwich and Potato salad are staples to try out as well. The matzoh soup filled me up so I took the sandwich home for lunch tomorrow. 🤗

For dessert, I had the chocolate Rugglach. Finally! In my avid reader days, I loved to read about other cultures and places so I’ve seen so many international dishes which I never got to try. Like gazpacho, blintz, latke, tortilla… Rugglach is one of them! It’s delicious, crumbly and sweet pastry baked fresh everyday.

It wasn’t an easy choice as these pics of humongous yummies show..👇🏽 #desserts #jewishdessert. The huge eclairs and 7-layer cake were scary in size.

To go, I got the legendary Potato Knish Of ancient lore. 😄 With some mustard. A knish is a Jewish Central and Eastern European snack food consisting of a filling covered with dough that is either baked, grilled, or deep fried.

Customer service was okay though I did get very stared at when I walked in (and probably imagined hearing “schvartzer”, which btw isn’t a hateful word per say) and the restroom was clean and decorated all New York-ish with framed posters of Broadway shows. 👇🏽 Cute touch. Reminds me of how I loved walking through Crown Heights in Brooklyn and seeing the cutest outfits of the Chassidic Jews and their kids coming out of/going to school. I imagined what life could’ve been like if I was born into that. I don’t think it would be bad at all! 😃 But then I do that for every foreign culture I witness, put myself in their shoes and mentally immerse myself in their experiences, asking endless questions as usual. 😄

Well that’s it for now… Today’s thought: You might not be able to travel to any or everywhere but open yourself up to experience other cultures through cooking, tasting, eating their foods or simply reading about them instead of staying on social media all day. #aLittleLearningADay keeps the mind bright as day!

Love y’all. ❤️😘❤️

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