✅Skydiving? Check! #Bucketlist

So….y’all…I did it! 😱 Packed my super-afraid-Of-Heights self inside another jumpsuit, climbed onto a little plane with a bunch of wingsuiters, got up to a very nerve-racking 14,000 feet in said cranky cute plane, squatted and…jumped! 😳


Why did I do it? Because I’ve always wanted to. Because it’s the scariest thing I dared myself to do. Because it’s my birthday and a milestone one at that! True, after I had kids, I found myself intentionally avoiding ANYTHING overly risky, but before skydiving I did all my homework, tons of research, an entire facility tour, said lots of prayers and kept my mouth shut to avoid any negative energies, threats or fear-inducing noise from F & F… love you guys anyway😍😍🤗🤗.

Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon TX is one of the best locations in the world for skydiving. Their safety record is great for tandems and the one death recorded since their existence was that of a certified solo jumper who died doing what he loved (God Rest his soul🙏🏽).

I jumped three days after my birthday because skydiving is a weather-dependent sport thus the first two times I tried, it wasn’t possible (dang October rains for all of two weeks). After all the rains washed the sky clean, it was time to jump! What a beautiful day it was. 🤗


If you’d read my earlier post, you’d have learned that there’s a TON of paperwork to sign. If you say No to any clause, you will not be allowed to jump. Kinda like duress, huh? Photos/videos are also a separate expense but it honestly wouldn’t make sense to skydive the first time without capturing the experience for your old age. 😄

I found it very cool that a lot of the staff at IFly also do something in the real skydiving world. And that so many of the wingsuiters and formation divers came all the way from France, New Zealand, Amsterdam etc to camp at Skydive Spaceland while advancing their training.

Being my usual overly curious self, I grill-interviewed a few staff, instructors, divers/jumpers and tandem divers. The only other black people there 😄 were Pastor Edward and his military buddy who came with him to help video his takeoff and landing. Pastor had been in the Army, jumped from planes in Vietnam during WW2 and was here jumping for the second time in peacetime. Did I mention that he is 70 and in ridiculously good condition?

Behold me with my newly-shorn hair!

… Anyways, I DID IT. 🧚🏽‍♀️See video HERE      Blink and you’ll miss it! 😀

The EXPERIENCE: It’s literally the SCARIEST thing I’ve ever ever ever done!!! In the plane, I felt like “How did I get here? In this plane? Is this an alien abduction??” But no it wasn’t! Yes I was the only female and only person of color in the plane but the guy opposite me from Ukraine was as real as they come and the British voice of my tandem instructor Rob and photog Nick kept zinging over my head. I wondered whether the pilot would mind awfully if he had a passenger join him back down to earth?? #panicmode! I was conscious yet subconscious. So nervous that I (thought I) forgot all the safety instructions. When the door opened, the suiters started hopping out and we squatted and headed to the door, I was certain I’d faint! The beautiful rolling vistas far far farrrrrr beneath us undulated like the waves of the ocean. On such a clear day, you can see so far! Forests, waters, farmland were huge patches of blues, browns, greens and every color in between. And I was to jump down into that palette? Into nothingness?? Into what???

And then…..It came to me.

I’M JUMPING…into my life’s New Year!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗. It was scary but I was going to pull my ish together, do it and do it EXCELLENTLY! So I did. (My report card says “Rockstar skydiver!” lol..I wish I’d bet with someone and gotten paid for jumping!) 😀

Afterwards, I can almost swear that place has a magnetic pull which was hard to get away from. After my jump, debriefing and all, I got in my car then jumped back out and came back. I purchased my next flight and got a rad “Real Women Skydive“souvenir.

Then I sat with Pastor’s military buddy (he was in the Marines stationed in Okinawa, Japan during WW2!) and listened to wartime stories while watching Pastor and the other jumpers landing. Cool perspective!

All said and done, I’m glad I did it, I bought my second flight immediately and I will do it over and over again. ❤


2 responses to “✅Skydiving? Check! #Bucketlist

  1. Excellent write up! Well done! Maybe next time I’m in Houston, I’ll check it out! Actually, not sure I could, so even more kudos to you!!! Amazing!!!

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