Good Guys exist!

A girl at a bus stop spotted a handsome man and without hesitation went to him and said “You look cute.. I like you.”

The man out of shock simply placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “My dear, this love and infatuation are all nothing.

You are too young to be behaving like this. Please go home and study hard so that you can have a successful life.”

He then placed a piece of paper on her hand and said “I have written some words of wisdom and religious verses for you. Read them before you go to sleep.” And then he walked away.

The girl went back to her home in shame and guilt.

Before she slept she opened up the paper and read

thus: “Are you blind? My wife was standing behind me. Anyway, this is my number. Call me anytime. By the way, you look amazing and I like you too!”

Men are always Men !!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆

Thank God the men reading this are different 👍🏼 😇 🙄🙄🙄

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