Soar High In 2019

Had a dream which inspired me to write some woke word this morning. Many people have Joy-vampires, dream-suckers, wet blankets and/or slippery snakes in their life. If they get close enough to know your dreams and things closest to your heart, they talk bad, discourage you, try to make you feel small, wrong and silly for even having the dream in the 1st place. When much-needed motivation is absent, soldier on even in the face of adversity. It hurts most if it’s your nearest and dearest don’t support you but always Be Thankful!

You are Blessed, thank God for wisdom, Thank God for strength and every dawn. It’s the end of 2018, every day is a fresh start on life. “Do NOT PUT YOUR LIGHT UNDER A BUSHEL” and don’t let your past mistakes define your future.

When dem negative vampires try to hold you down and tell you you can’t do something, look closely. Many times it’s because they can’t do it themselves or they live their lives based on other people’s opinions.

Don’t let other people’s insecurities minimize you. In 2019, resolve to shine and live your BEST life 🙌🏽.

Because I live, many people Praise the Lord. Be a source of Joy.

I’ve Always been a BLESSING, never a curse. Help Others shine.

I try to be a GOOD PERSON, no matter who’s watching. Live with heart.

Life is short, LIVE while you have it. Live, don’t just exist.

😄#StillMeNoPretense #NYResolutions #Countdown #AnuAnaAgbaEgbeONaAtaChewingGum #DownButNeverOut

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