🇺🇸 Farm Fun in Texas

As a lover of adventure and Nigerian ex-Seattleite who misses hiking, snowshoeing, outdoorsy fun and more rustic living, I love taking kids to interact more with Mother Nature! I love Houston because it’s suburbs provide lots of different opportunities to explore ranches, animals and farm life.

Researching places to go, I happened upon Froberg’s Farm in Alvin TX and decided to check it out. So glad I did! It proved to be the perfect place for us and I’m so glad the kiddos loved it too. Froberg’s is at 3601 W. Highway 6 and google maps will gladly take you there.

We went on a perfectly sunny Saturday, thanks to a fb advert from Anthony Duangkaew promoting a Mass Mutual insurance Fall Festival treat for kids (check him out for the best quotes and coverage around!). And FREE photography! See our fave pic… 👇🏽

Taking a tour on the Bee Train! 🤗

Froberg’s is a cool place to visit for people of all ages. On site, thee are other perks including a Farm store selling fresh produce, honey from local bees, molasses, popcorn and more. There’s a bakery selling freshly-baked goods and a food kiosk selling meals and drinks. Whether you choose to eat from there or step through the next door into a smoked-meats depot selling all sorts of healthy meats, you can’t go hungry!

Activities are available for everyone including water games, shooting games, kiddie and adult games. We even rode the farm truck to the Orchard, got lost in the Corn Maze, plucked from different varieties of citrus trees and raced bright pink duckies down tubed water channels. The Corn Box gives kids the opportunity to touch, play with and roll around in corn!

There’s swings and slides and swinging tubes and treehouses…etcetera. All in all, we each had a great time.

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