GHANA, WEST AFRICA – Many travel destinations are amazing and well set-up but the Gold Coast is spectacular in its simplicity. The mix of rustic living, unpolluted outdoor spaces, amazingly warm and welcoming locals, delicious food and modern accommodations delight its visitors. The past few years have seen a marked boom in travel to Ghana, for permanent relocation and tourist trips. From Accra Mall to Aburi Botanical Gardens to Labadi Beach to Coconut Grove to the historic slave Castles, nightlife and more, there is something for everyone in Ghana!

Coconut Grove Beach Resort

It is common knowledge that since Jerry J. Rawlings “cleansed” the country of bad politicians, the Ghanaian leadership has been consistently cited among the best leadership in Africa, a Continent where corruption regrettably often runs rampant and has led to avoidable poverty amongst an abundance of talent, material and natural resources. Don’t get me started… smh.. Let’s keep this lighthearted! #positivevibesyall

Enjoy the video as we journey through key spots to visit in Ghana, West Africa. WordPress took off my direct video so please view the video on Youtube – (link redirects to YouTube)

This Mommy-daughter trip is very dear to my heart and I cannot wait to do another. My Mommy is amazing and a great travel partner. It was a great vacation, chill, action-packed yet laid-back, well-planned and perfect for couples, families or singles. It’s easy to get around Ghana and food is relatively cheap. The government’s successful tourism-oriented initiatives, tremendous influx of returnees and other positives have created an safe, supportive and ideal travel destination with many accessible options for accommodation, transportation, food, drink, phone data plans and activities.

The story of slavery is a popular draw and historical exhibits are strewn across the country, the most notable ones being the holding forts and points of departure for slaves being shipped from West Africa to the Americas, Caribbean, U.K and across Europe by white slave traders. Cape Coast & Elmina Castle are the most popular of these and our tour of Cape Coast Castle brought us and many to a state of grief. Standing in the slave dungeons, I felt the palpable fear, pain, helplessness and utter despair of the captives. One irony is that the Chapel, where slave traders went to church and held their religious services, was right above the slave dungeons! What a height of Man’s inhumanity to Man, how could they have felt holy and received communion and blessings while their fellow humans were chained to the ground and each other just below? Left to pee and shit on themselves, wounds festering in filth, physically tortured, verbally abused and mentally steeped in desperation, while so-called white Christians read the bible above? I will never understand the thought processes those evil people had. Never!

i. can’t.continue. It’s as infuriating as the killings of innocent unarmed black men in America. George Floyd just joined a host of other murdered men who lost their lives to shady, weaka**, racist cops.

Please enjoy the video and visit Ghana, it is a trip you will not regret. For a longer, more off-the-beaten-track taste of Ghana, watch this video of high school kids from San Francisco who went on a journey of self-discovery in Ghana.

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