#foodieChef. Kenyan/East African food in TX

Most humans love Travel, Food and the good things of life. Like many of you, Iโ€™m not a fan of exerting myself unduly over pots and pans. I feel that the best meals are those with uncomplicated recipes which let the chef (and those around him/her) have a relaxed culinary experience and great results. It was with this mindset that I embarked upon an intimidating-sounding Kenyan dish called Sukuma Wiki served with Ugali.

Infinite curiosity and a zest to try foods from every country took me to southwest houston where there is the one tiny Kenyan grocery store in Houston Texas. There I bought a few unique items including Ugali (a specially ground maize/corn meal) and quickly sent pics to one of my Kenyan friends in California. I needed to know the best accompanying soup/sauce and how the meal is traditionally served. Feedback: Ugali is best eaten with Sukuma wiki. A quick online search showed me that it is a super-healthy meal and I already had most of the ingredients in my kitchen. Thus, the game was on! Off I went to get the Collard greens and ground meat. Everything was soon purchased, prepped and laid out.

Ingredients for Sukuma wiki

Sukuma wiki is an East African dish made with collard greens, known as sukuma, cooked with onions and spices. It is often served and eaten with ugali (made from maize flour). Being super-attentive to instructions, I followed this recipe to the letter. To make it a complete sauce, I added the ground meat to the veg instead of serving it separately as some locals prefer.

Soon, the dish was locked, loaded and smelling delish.

Sukuma wiki ready in pot

Next, I had to prepare the Ugali. It takes longer than our Nigerian fufus but I was determined to not cut any time corners or risk a misstep so I followed the steps to the letter.

Ta daaaa…. it turned out great! I used the sauce as an accompaniment to different dishes including plantain, Cocoyams and the real yams. It goes with anything!

Hereโ€™s my portion… ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฝ

Healthy, nutritious and filling – Sukuma wiki and Ugali meal.

Btw, is it just a feminine instinct or are there other parts of the world where women are raised to/always serve other family members with the best parts of the meal while they (women) eat the scraps (more or less)? Iโ€™m so used to doing that and putting everyone else before me. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Oh well, itโ€™s also a good weight-watching technique, lol!

Try this recipe and ff to share your thoughts. I wish there is a Kenyan restaurant in Houston. I wish every single country on earth is represented by a restaurant in Houston. See you soonest, East Africa!โค๏ธ

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