Honduran 🇭🇳 Food in Houston

Aye, today my taste buds went to #honduras for #lunch ! Green #plantains, #rice #beans, #seafood…oh my!
SOPA DE MARISCO (Seafood Soup) – Hecha con leche de coco, pescado, camarón, jaiba, platano maduro, guineo y yuca. Acompañada con arroz y tortillas.
BISTEC ENCEBOLLADO (BEEF STEAK) – Servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada de mayonesa. Acompañado con #tortilla de maíz, tajadas de guineo o plátano verde.

And of course, Zambos! 🤩

Unbiased note: If you haven’t yet tried Nigerian Rice, beans and/or Plantains, find the nearest spot to you and do so!

#foodie #foodstagram #carpediem #lunchtime #tourism #gastronomy

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