Gnocchi (all you can eat!) in Houston.

29th August was a beautiful day in Houston. Sunny, fairly cool. The girls and I were feeling funky, dressed up in matching bright yellow outfits and getting lots of compliments at church. It was a perfect day for after-church Sunday brunch at a restaurant. As always, I knew exactly where I wanted to go – PIOLA!

At Baldwin Park.

Piola has a special that I’ve been keen to try out. All-you-can-eat handmade Gnocchi every 29th! I love gnocchi and couldn’t resist the luring idea of sampling from batches of freshly made, fresh-cut doughy goodness. So off we went to downtown Houston.

Parking in that area is a bit iffy so we drove around the block once before we figured it out. To save you from that, here’s my tip. Parking is in the same building as Piola so follow the signboard on the corner of Elgin to get into the covered parking spots. From there, we walked to Piola and luckily got seated right away. Cheese and margherita kids’ pizzas were ordered, one for each kid. The Margherita pizza was dismally exactly the same as the cheese pizza, the only difference was that the former had 3 basil leaves on it. Very disappointing but I guess pizza isn’t their thing? If both pizzas had been exactly the same, one would’ve thought the waitress misheard the order. I hope they didn’t assume “we” wouldn’t know the difference.. 🤔

Yummy goodness…

On the Gnocchi feast… There were supposed to be 10 types. I figure we got about 8 but they were tres delicieux! Bueno.

Pesto gnocchi, With bacon and Ham, the Arrabiata, Legnano, Four Cheese, Tomato Salmon, Bolognese etc…

One dollop each time, kinda like a Brazilian churrascaria serving style, except the waiter came once to deposit a spoonful of each gnocchi in sauce.

You can’t imagine how soft, pillowy and bouncy these were! 😍

After savoring the varieties as is, my Nigerian side kicked in and I showered my plate with crushed red pepper flakes to heat up my digestion and accelerate fat burning, lol.

Peppered Gnocchi!

After this feast, we stopped by the Park, worked off some calories then went home for a sound nap. I rarely do the same spot twice but i would totally do Piola’s again.

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