Yoruba fare in Houston

Today should be one of them days when you resolve to celebrate yourself with a good Nigerian meal. I just did! When in a different part of town, I pull up Maps and search for top-notch foodie spots and holes – in-the-wall. That’s how I found DD’S Ejide IN SW Houston. 0.4 from me and with good reviews, I called in my order of Amala with Egusi and Vegetable soups. When I arrived, I waited about 4 minutes before… VOILA!

Amala (fermented yam flour meal) served with Egusi (Melon) and Vegetable soup.

It was piping hot, just spicy enough and good! The name Ejide made me think it was Igbo but from the presence of stew in this dish, any connoisseur of Nigerian food can immediately tell you the spot and chef are Yoruba. The Yorubas generally add tomato stew to every meal they eat. Delish!

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