MASA & SUYA #Fulani #HausaFood #bestmeal

I LOVE MASA!! The last soup I cooked here in #houstontx was Miyan busheshe kubewa. ๐Ÿคฉ #Dinner I recently had a special Hausa meal I’ve been craving for! #masa and #suya #foodie

I’ve always believed in #oneNigeria and as a college kid, I traveled to all the states in my darling #Nigeria (except the farthest Northern ones) to explore, experience the locals, languages, cultures and music of an incredibly diverse and AMAZING country.

I’ve always believed in one Nigeria and that is why I invest time, energy and more in my fellow Nigerians home and abroad, encouraging them to grow.

We believe in one Nigeria and that is why you know #peterobi is the best candidate Nigeria (and indeed many countries in Africa and beyond) have seen for decades. If he loses, they will laugh at us, for practicing tribalism over common sense. Don’t choose Division over Unity. Don’t choose Terrorism over Peace. Choose Inclusion, Production and Progress. โค๏ธ

vote PETER OBI FOR PRESIDENT 2023 Peterobimovement2023

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